24 Glasses

We’ve made the commitment.
And we’re making good on our promise.


Ninety-nine per cent of Tasmanians can turn on their tap and get a fresh, clear glass of water that is safe to drink.

You are probably one of them.

But for 24 small towns around our state this is not the reality right now.

Regardless of whether they are rural or remote farming communities, or if they rely on tourism or some other way to make a living, they all depend on Tasmania’s clean green image and deserve to have drinking water that is clear and safe.

In August 2016, TasWater made a commitment to accelerate our program of addressing the water quality issues in these towns and systematically remove public health alerts as quickly as possible – it’s the right thing to do.

So, the next time you fill your glass from the tap, remember that not everyone in Tasmania can do the same – but here at TasWater, we are working on it.


We are evaluating a range of potential options for dealing with the water quality issues in each of these towns and how we deliver clean, safe drinking water straight from the tap.

In each town we are assessing what water resources exist, the water related health outcomes, what regulatory support is available, and the community issues and overall impacts to residents.

We call this gaining a ‘source to tap’ view.

As this is an enormous job that combines both design and construction elements, our final option for each community will not be finalised until early 2017.

However, as the available options become clear for each town, we will update this website.

We will also be regularly publishing our progress here and in the press as milestones are achieved.

In the meantime, if the DHHS issues a permanent public health alert about the water for another small town, they will be added to the 24glasses project to ensure they become part of our accelerated program.


As part of our initial rollout for this program, we would like you to submit any questions you may have by clicking here. This will help us compile a frequently asked questions section for the site.

Most importantly, if you are a member of one of the communities listed below, don’t hesitate to go to and look at the issues and options for your community as they emerge, reflect on what you see and contribute to the discussion.

What towns are in the 24 Glasses program?

Click here to see a list of the towns that are part of the 24 Glasses program.

Latest news:




When formed in 2013,TasWater’s responsibility was to ensure the water in Whitemark was brought up to Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. We undertook consultation on a range of options to deliver residents with a safe, reticulated water scheme. TasWater contractors began construction of a new water treatment plant at Cannes Hill in early 2016, which is now complete. Clean water is vital to the sustainability of every town and the new plant will provide clean water to Whitemark well into the future.

TasWater has undertaken the following:

Water treatment plant construction                     Complete
Reticulation air scouring and cleaning           Complete
Water quality testing Complete
Do not consume alert lifted 30 November 2016

TasWater is also undertaking the following additional infrastructure works:

Upgrade of Pats Weir raw water pump station   Under construction (completion expected mid-December 2016

As a result of these measures, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) permanently removed the do not consume alert in Whitemark on 30 November 2016.

This means we have one more Tasmanian town where you can get a clean glass of water that is safe to drink, straight from the tap.

Whitemark – part of our 24glasses project.