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Customer Enquiries, Complaints and Feedback

If you have an enquiry, a complaint or feedback about any area of our service you can:

Making a complaint

If one of our Customer Service representatives is unable to resolve your query and you would like to lodge a formal complaint, please inform the person you are speaking to of this.

When you lodge a complaint, we will aim to address and resolve your complaint within 10 business days.  If you are not happy with the response you receive, you may request that your complaint is reviewed by the Senior Manager Customer Services.
If you remain dissatisfied we will advise you of your right to lodge a complaint with the Tasmanian Ombudsman.  Further details of the procedure and a complaint form can be obtained from the Tasmanian Ombudsman by phoning 1800 001 170 or by accessing the Tasmanian Ombudsman’s website.

Please note that the Tasmanian Ombudsman cannot investigate a complaint until you have attempted to resolve the issue with TasWater.

Our customer philosophy

TasWater is working to ensure that all customers in Tasmania have access to high quality drinking water and that sewerage and wastewater are managed efficiently.  We care for our customers and respect their concerns.  We will respond promptly, openly and honestly to any complaints raised with us.  We will listen carefully and we will treat all our customers fairly and equitably.  All complaints received will be thoroughly investigated and the results will be communicated to the customer in a clear and timely manner.  The customer’s right to privacy and confidentiality will be respected at all times.  If any customer is unhappy with the outcome or the handling of their complaint, they will be referred to the Office of the Ombudsman for an independent review and resolution.  We are committed to providing the highest levels of service to our customers across all parts of our business.