Owners' Representatives' Group


The Owners’ Representatives Group (ORG) comprises one representative from each of the 30 members. The Board of TasWater is accountable to the Owners' Representatives' Group.  The functions, duties and responsibilities for the Owners' Representatives' Group are outlined in the Corporation's Constitution and the Shareholders' Letter of Expectations.

Owners determined that the Board should comprise a Chairman and six non-executive directors.  The Board should be skills based and independent and appointed by the Board Selection Committee, under delegation from the Owners' Representatives' Group.  These arrangements are reflected in the Corporation's Constitution.


Board Committee Selection Charter
The Board Selection Committee document details the purpose, membership, functions and responsibilities of the Committee
Owners' Representatives' Group Charter
The Charter represents the Owners' Group Resentatives' Group's policy in areas in which it has discretion. The duties, functions, roles and responsibilities of the Owners' Representatives' Group are primarily determined by the Corporation's Constitution and this Charter.
Owner's Representatives' Group Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct contains a set of rules outlining the responsibilities of or proper practices of the Owners' Representatives' Group.