Boil Water Alerts

Current Boil Water Advice

There are currently no boil water alerts

TasWater regularly samples its water supplies.  Sometimes the treatment of a water supply may not be adequate, increasing the risk of health concerns.  If this happens, TasWater issues a Boil Water Alert.

When a Boil Water Alert is issued, water should be brought to a rolling boil and allowed to cool before use.  Residents in affected areas should use cool boiled water for drinking, food preparation, cleaning teeth or gargling, washing un-cooked foods (such as salads or seafood) or making ice.  Dishes should be washed in hot soapy water or in a dishwasher.

If your property is supplied by TasWater in an area affected by a Boil Water Alert you should ensure that all occupants, including rental tenants, are notified.