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Education & Tours

Customer education 

Water is a valuable resource; it is essential for life and is recycled continually.  Humans directly impact the quality and quantity of water available every single day.

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  • Have you ever wondered why water is treated?
  • Do you know where your local drinking water catchment is?
  • How is sewage treated?
  • What has public health got to do with treated water?
  • How can you make a difference in conserving water and protecting the environment?
  • What is the urban water cycle?

Answers to those questions and many others can be provided through TasWater's customer education programs. 

We make it easy for customers, community groups, teachers and students to learn about and understand the connection between our homes and businesses, the water treatment process, public health and the environment through the following ways:

Don't flush it!

TasWater crews remove more than 500 kilograms of wet wipes, sanitary products, cotton buds and nappies from our sewerage system every week – and that’s just in Launceston! If in doubt about what you can flush, remember the 3Ps (pee, poo, and paper). You can also check out our cheeky animation “Don’t flush it!”, reproduced here with thanks to Goulburn Valley Water.



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Our talented TasWater staff are always happy to share their knowledge about our industry with your professional, community or service group meetings.  

Presentation content can include updates about your local treatment plants, unpacking water and sewerage charges, discovering what Trade Waste is, understanding our role when developing properties and learning about water quality and our efforts to protect the environment.  

If you would like TasWater to present at your meeting or community event, please click here.

Teacher resources

To allow a greater focus on community event attendance TasWater no longer offers incursions, instead we offer lesson plans on the following topics:

  •  The natural and urban water cyclesDiscoloured water photo.jpg
  •  Environmental impacts on water
  •  Making water safe to drink
  •  Conserving water
  •  Water for health
  •  Where sewage comes from
  •  How sewage is treated

Click here for lesson plans for teachers and some activity sheets for students for Prep through to Year 8.  Each Lesson Plan is aligned with ACARA and the associated activities have been carefully designed to reinforce learning outcomes.

The Australian Water Association also has heaps of resources available to help you in the classroom. Click here for more information

Tours of treatment plants

Kate tour jesus hand resized.jpg TasWater are keen to share with customers how their water is treated.  Opportunities for the public to view our treatment plants will be advertised through our socials and under the events heading below.

Treatment plant tours are still open to higher education institutions.  Bookings must be made through the online booking form where you will find our terms and conditions of entry.


The TasWater education team regularly participates in events around the state to share information on our business, infrastructure programs, and innovation. Notice of events that TasWater hosts or participates in will be advertised made through traditional (i.e. newspaper) and social media channels. To stay informed with not just events but also public notices join us on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TasWater1/

Annual events you can expect to see TasWater at include:

National Science Week which is held in August each year at various locations around the state,

National Water Week in October is a state-wide event that is kicked off earlier in the year by our Primary Schools Poster Competition,

Open House - In Launceston during September and in Hobart during November.

If you have an event that you would like TasWater to attend, please email communityengagement@taswater.com.au

Meet the Community Engagement Officer


Kate has been with TasWater (Southern Water) since 2009.  As a result of the TasWater merge, Kate has become the Community Engagement Officer for Southern Tasmania. 


Kate learns about the TasWater water and sewage treatment and delivery systems so that she can share her passion for understanding and knowledge with our customers through attending events and community information sessions.