Risdon Brook Dam

Lesson Plans

Our Education Team have created a range of Lesson Plans and associated *Student Activity Sheets that will assist teachers deliver water themed lessons to their students.  The Lesson Plans include reference to specific ACARA subject codes to make it easier for teachers to fulfil student learning outcomes.  We hope to keep building our library of lessons to include other year levels.  We appreciate feedback from teachers so we can continue to improve the quality of the Lesson Plans.

Lesson Plan Details




The water cycle

Caring for our water

How water cares for us

How do we use water?

Grade 1 & 2

The water cycle

Where does our water come from?

Why do we need to make tap water safe?

How do we use water?

Grade 3 & 4

From the catchment to the tap

Why safe drinking water is important

Using water every day

What happens after I flush?

Grade 5 & 6

Where does our water come from?

It’s 1804 and I need water

Counting every drop of water

From the sink to the sea

Grade 7 & 8

Making tap water safe

How do we measure the water we use?

Bottle or tap?

How do we treat wastewater?


Student Activity Resources

We are developing student activity sheets that complement some of the lesson plans and they will be uploaded soon.  Please contact our education team for further details on education@taswater.com.au


Urban Water Cycle Poster