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Poster Competition

National Water Week 2017 TasWater poster competition:
Can't flush this!

Each year, National Water Week events and promotions across Australia encourage individuals, communities and organisations to work together to build community awareness and understanding around water issues.  TasWater encourages awareness through an annual poster competition. 

NWW competition promotional poster.jpg

The 2017 National Water Week TasWater Poster Competition is now open to all primary school aged students from around Tasmania. The 2017 theme for TasWater’s poster competition is Can’t flush this!’. 

This theme highlights that we must do our utmost to protect our water environments and resources, as well as bringing attention to the responsibility everyone shares to look after our sewerage systems.

“Nearly 40% of the world’s population lacks access to toilets, and the dignity and safety that they provide” according to Ann M Veneman, UNICEF Executive Director.

In Australia we are lucky to have access to sanitation systems that separate human waste from our drinking water.

However, every day sewerage systems are damaged or blocked by people who flush or wash the wrong things into the drains. When this happens untreated sewage can spill into the streets or local waterways, and corrosion of pipes caused by chemicals can lead to costly repairs.

The following things should never be put down the drain:

  • Wet wipes (even ‘flushable’ wipes)
  • Strong chemicals (unless toilet/drain cleaners being used as per the label)
  • Sand, gravel or coffee
  • Petrol or diesel
  • Nappies, pads and tampons
  • Plastic bags
  • Cooking oil, fats and grease
  • Medicines and tablets
  • Cotton buds


There are fantastic prizes to be won for each category and the school library of each first prize winner will receive a water themed book pack.

Prizes will consist of:

  • 1st – iPad mini 16GB tablet
  • 2nd - Australian Geographic prize pack
  • 3rd – Healthy environment activity kit

The categories are as follows:

  • Prep
  • Grade 1 & 2
  • Grade 3 & 4
  • Grade 5 & 6


The entry form MUST be attached to the back of the poster. 

Entries must be received by 4.00pm Monday, 11 September 2017 to any TasWater office or: 

GPO Box 1363
Hobart TAS 7001
  • Your poster MUST be A3 size
  • Only one poster entry per student
  • Any medium including paper can be used  
  • Any art material, including paint, textas, coloured pencils, collage materials, photography or computer graphics can be used.
Download the entry form and a full list of terms and conditions


Winners will be presented with prizes at ceremonies in October during National Water Week 2017, details to be advised once judging has concluded.

Posters will be on display in Devonport, Launceston and Hobart from 15-21 October 2017.

2016 Winning posters

Grade: Prep

1st Prep Maddison.jpg  2nd Prep Laylah 3rd Prep Erin

  • First prize – Maddison S, Somerset Primary School (left)
  • Second prize – Laylah G, Somerset Primary School (centre)
  • Third prize – Erin M, Somerset Primary School (right)

Grade: 1 and 2

1st 1 2 Isobel 2nd 1 2 Joshua 3rd 1 2 Ruby

  • First prize – Isobel M, St Cuthbert’s Catholic School (left)
  • Second prize –  Joshua T, St Cuthbert’s Catholic School (centre)
  • Third prize –  Ruby K, Devonport Christian Scool (right)

Grade: 3 and 4

1st 3 4 Lilly  2nd 3 4 Sharlie  3rd 3 4 Dylan 


  • First prize –  Lilly L, Geeveston Primary School (left)
  • Second prize –  Sharlie H, Scottsdale Primary School (centre)
  • Third prize –  Dylan H, Scottsdale Primary School (right)

Grade: 5 and 6 

1st 5 6 Lydia                            2nd 5 6 Nicole     
 3rd 5 6 Kael 3rd 5 6 Trista
  • First prize –  Lydia R, Hagley Farm Primary School (top)
  • Second prize –  Nicole W, Invermay Primary School 
  • Equal third prize –  Kael N, Hagley Farm Primary School 
  • Equal third prize –  Trista A, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School (bottom)