Risdon Brook Dam

Risdon Brook Park


TasWater has closed Risdon Brook Park until further notice.

Unfortunately water runoff from heavy rain which has fallen around Risdon Brook Park has caused damage to the walkway.

The park has been closed in the interest of public safety.

TasWater understands the closure will be inconvenient for users and thank you for your patience but it is necessary as parts of the walking tack are unsafe.

TasWater will keep you informed of developments.




Visitors familiar with the site will notice that there is more shoreline exposed than usual, this is due to recent lowering of water levels to provide access for water vegetation removal. 500 tonnes of weeds have been removed from the reservoir, which will improve the quality of the water that is stored in the reservoir. TasWater is now refilling the reservoir, with water expected to be returned to a more familiar level by late November.


Risdon Brook Park is the location of one of TasWater's largest drinking water reservoirs in the south of the state. Set among dense bushland, Risdon Brook Park is a popular recreational area and offers a walking track, barbecue facilities and disabled fishing bays, children's playground and toilets.

If you are interested in visiting the park please click here to find information about the various amenities the park has to offer along with the conditions of use. Contact Wayne Court for bookings on 0437 347 776.