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Save Each Drop - In the garden

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Simple tips to save water in the garden

  • Water your garden in the cool of the early morning or in the evening to reduce water loss through evaporation 
  • Water the roots and soil around plants rather than spraying the leaves and flowers
  • Use deep mulch and add compost to your soil. These add nutrients and help to retain moisture and reduce evaporation 
  • If you are considering a watering system, install a drip irrigation system. It will cut wastage by making sure the water goes only where you need it 
  • Regularly check your outdoor taps, pipes and plumbing fixtures for leaks. Just one dripping tap can waste 2,000 litres a month 
  • Water gardens for longer, but less often, to promote deeper roots and hardier, healthier, drought tolerant plants. Remember to only use a handheld hose (with trigger nozzle), a watering can or install drip irrigation Save the cold water while the shower or kitchen tap is warming up and use it on the garden or pot plants 
  • Try not to hose paths, patios and driveways. Use a broom, rake or outdoor blower instead.


  • Apply a light top dressing to assist the establishment of a new lawn and minimise the amount of water it requires. Talk to your local nursery or landscape supplier about a suitable weed free, sand based, organic top dressing mix 
  • Watering your lawn less often but for longer will help make your lawn more drought resistant by encouraging deeper roots. Use a handheld hose to give it a good soaking occasionally (if rainfall is not doing the job) 
  • When mowing, cut only the top third of the leaf area of your lawn to keep it longer, leaving it three centimetres or higher. Reduce water loss even further by saving your lawn clippings to use as mulch on your lawn or garden.

Watering system

The type of watering system you use in your garden has a huge impact on how much water you use. Choosing the most efficient watering system to suit your garden could save you heaps of water and money.

 Type  Water consumption
 Garden hose   720 litres/hour
Standard sprinkler  600 litres/hour
 Water efficient sprinkler    300 litres/hour
 Spray head  450 litres/hour
 Micro spray head  50 litres/hour
 Drip irrigation  9 litres per metre/hour

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