Risdon Brook Dam

Water Trailer

TasWater has available a Drinking Water Trailer that can be used at community events in southern Tasmania only.

The Drinking Water Trailer is a mobile source of drinking water.  It has a 300 litre tank that is filled with water from TasWater and is fitted with three taps and bubblers that event patrons can fill cups or bottles from.

The Drinking Water Trailer is free to book for community events which align with TasWater community and sponsorship guidelines.  Applications which meet these guidelines will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis.  The water trailer is very popular at events, especially during the summer months.

Please book at least four weeks in advance of your event, longer if possible, to avoid disappointment.

Please note, availability of the water trailer is subject to the operational needs of TasWater and that bookings may be cancelled at short notice.

Online booking request

If you would like to apply to use the Drinking Water Trailer please click here to complete the booking request.