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Water usage during a fire ban

The Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) can declare a Total Fire Ban on days when the danger of fire is extremely high and when fires are expected to develop rapidly and to be very difficult to control. Please visit the Tasmania Fire Service website for the latest information regarding Total Fire Bans.

TasWater and Total Fire Ban days

Ensuring water is available for use in a fire emergency is an important part of TasWater’s role. During times of total fire bans, can you please conserve water when using a connected water supply and avoid all non-essential water use during the specified ban period.

How you can help on Total Fire Ban days

  • Turn off all sprinkler systems, including automatic sprinkler systems
  • Where possible, restrict hose use to essential purposes such as fire fighting or prevention
  • Reschedule chores that require water, such as watering plants, washing windows or vehicles, to a day that isn’t a Total Fire Ban