Emergency Outages

My water is disconnected, how do I find out more information?

We try very hard to respond to burst and leaking pipes as quickly as possible.  In some cases, TasWater will need to disconnect the water supply to surrounding areas so the pipe can be repaired.  We will let you know if we need to do this through our website and Twitter, and in some cases through the local media on radio or TV.  Customers are encouraged to ring 13 6992 to also find out what is happening. 

Why do you turn the water off right on dinner time?

Sometimes pipes burst at the most inconvenient time, when we are preparing meals or when people are getting ready to go to work school.  We try to delay disconnecting the water until after peak times however in order to avoid causing further damage to pipes and the surrounding area, it is impossible to delay the repairs and they must be done immediately.

I have a young baby and I can't go without water.

We understand.  If you require water for health reasons while there is an emergency outage lasting more than two hours please call 13 6992 to discuss alternative arrangements.

The water is back on but it's really dirty, what do I do?

When the water is reconnected, some air and debris may enter the pipes and the water may appear milky in colour.  We encourage customers to run an outside tap for a few minutes until the water runs clear.  Should the water continue to remain dirty after this time please call 13 6992 as we may need to investigate further.