Planned Outages

Why are you turning my water off?

There are a range of reasons why we need to disconnect the water supply to properties.  To help us maintain a quality water supply to your property we need to regularly monitor and flush pipes or replace fittings before they wear out and cause a major unplanned burst that could result in serious damage and increased water supply delays.

How do you let me know you're turning my water off?

When we are carrying out planned works, we will ensure that you are advised at least two full business days prior to the planned outage occurring.  This may include a letter posted to the address you have supplied us, an advertisement in the local newspaper under Public Notices, advice on our website and through our social media account on Twitter.

You advised me the water would be off and it's not.  What happened?

Sometimes, weather conditions are not favourable or we have unscheduled breaks in other parts of the water supply system that require extra man power to carry out repairs.  If we don't go through with the planned works on the day specified we will provide advice of when the works will be rescheduled.

The water was supposed to be back on an hour ago, what's happened?

Sometimes, when we are carrying out repairs, we can experience delays due to the repairs becoming more complicated or sometimes we do finish the job within the alloted time period, however the pipe can take a little while to recharge resulting in further delays.  We always do our utmost to have the repair completed within the advertised timeframe.

How am I going to manage without water?

When we advise you in writing of the planned outage, we ask that you store some water for cooking, washing and toileting purposes to tide you over while the works are underway.  If you have special health requirements, we ask that you contact us on 13 6992.

You've turned the water back on and it looks pretty dirty!

During repairs air can enter the pipe system and when you turn your tap on, it can appear a cloudy colour.  The best way to fix this is run the tap for a few minutes until the air escapes and the water will appear clear.  There are occasions where sediment can also be stirred up in the pipes and this will make the water appear dirty - again run your tap for a few minutes and it should clear.   If you find that this doesn't happen, it is best to call us in case we need to investigate further.