What is a commercial trade waste customer?

Commercial customers represent the largest portion of trade waste customers in Tasmania.  Commercial trade waste includes low to medium impact waste from businesses including but not limited to:

  • automotive workshops, vehicle washing facilities, equipment hire, heavy machinery and plant maintenance
  • cafes, restaurants, take-away stores, butchers and bakers
  • laundering facilities
  • personal services such as medical centres, dentists, hairdressers, beauticians
  • multiple discharger sites including shopping centres

Commercial customers are those categorised as either Category 1 or 2 trade waste customers.

If you discharge liquid waste to sewer as part of your commercial business process you are receiving a trade waste service from TasWater, and must ensure the business obtains permission to discharge this waste and continues to meet the stated terms and conditions.

Which Category will I be in?

Category 1 Low Impact Liquid Trade Waste
A liquid trade waste discharge which is deemed by TasWater to have a low impact on the sewerage network, requires nil or only minimal pre-treatment and can be managed through cleaner production methods.

Category 2 Low to Medium Volume and Low Impact Liquid Trade Waste
A liquid trade waste discharge which is deemed by TasWater to have a greater impact on the sewerage network than Category 1 discharge and requires passive or active pre-treatment prior to discharge into the sewer. The pre-treatment equipment is located at the source and is of a form which requires servicing and/or maintenance.

Trade Waste Customer Support Program

To reduce the risks associated with trade waste TasWater created the Commercial Compliance Program, to help Tasmanian businesses become trade waste compliant by installing pre-treatment systems to mimimise the amount of trade waste entering our sewerage network. 

To support our Category 2 trade waste customers TasWater is offering a no-interest repayment scheme to help cover the cost of installing or upgrading a compliant trade waste pre-treatment system. 

For eligible category 1 and 2 trade waste customers who are already fully compliant, TasWater will discount trade waste fixed charges by 10 per cent for four years commencing 1 July 2018. Category 1 and 2 customers that become compliant during the four year period from 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2022 without accessing the Customer Support Program are also eligible for a 10 per cent discount. 

More information about the customer support program and how to apply, please Click here

Are you starting a brand new business?

If your new business will be generating wastewater and your intention is to discharge this into the sewerage system, it is important you contact TasWater to understand the requirements, application processes and associated fees.  It is also important to check if you require a trade waste approval to discharge to sewer and the costs for complying with the discharge requirements for liquid trade waste from your new business.  All new businesses and businesses that have changed hands or change the volume or nature of the trade waste being discharged to sewer must install pre-treatment equipment to TasWater's requirements prior to commencement of discharge to sewer.

Business owners - are you ceasing your business?    Property owners - is your property now vacant?

If the trade waste generating business is ceasing or changing the business activity, the property owner is required to contact the trade waste team to advise of these changes, as a new application for consent to discharge trade waste may be required.

The Property Owner is liable for any ongoing Trade Waste charges until TasWater is notified and a written confirmation is issued to the property owner that charges have changed or been ceased.

Commercial Customers Pre-treatment Guidelines

The TasWater Commercial Customer Pre-treatment Guidelines provides information to customers regarding TasWater’s pre-treatment requirements. For a copy of the Commercial Pre-treatment Guidelines, click here.

Commercial Pre-treatment Guideline drawings

TWS-C-0001-2 Bucket Trap
TWS-C-0001-3 Sink Strainer Units
TWS-C-0001-5 External Mechanical Wash-down Area with Silt Trap
TWS-C-0001-6 Fuelling Areas – Service Stations
TWS-C-0001-7 Settleable Solids Arrestor
TWS-C-0001-11 Commercial Laundries
TWS-C-0001-10.B Cooling Pit

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