What is an industrial trade waste customer?

Industrial customers include breweries, tanneries, electroplaters, refineries, landfills, food manufacturers and processors, abattoirs, large laundries, smelters, wineries, beverage manufacturers, pharmaceutical product manufacturers, chemical blenders and other activities which produce a high risk liquid waste.  This risk may result from large volumes of trade waste, high strength trade waste or a combination of the two. 

If you discharge liquid waste to sewer as part of your business process you are receiving a trade waste service from TasWater, and must ensure the business obtains permission to discharge this waste and continues to meet the stated terms and conditions. 

Industrial customers are those categorised as either Category 3 or 4 trade waste customers. 

If you are unsure if your business or proposed activity is industrial or commercial please contact us to be referred to a trade waste representative.

How do I contact TasWater about a Trade Waste Agreement?

Please call 13 6992 or email to enquire about a trade waste service for your industrial activity or discuss your current Trade Waste Agreement.  A trade waste representative will contact you within five business days.

Trade Waste Agreement (TWA) new customers

TasWater negotiates individual contracts with each industrial customer.  Negotiations of these contracts must be completed prior to the trade waste service being utilised.

Trade Waste Agreement (TWA) existing customers

Where a new contract is negotiated with existing industrial trade waste customers, consideration will be given to the existing consent or contractual arrangements.

Considerations when planning your industrial trade waste activity

Before considering a new industrial development, or expansion of your current industrial operation, it is imperative that you discuss your plans with TasWater prior to committing or making investments.  Engaging with Taswater early in the planning process will inform your business decisions to minimise your trade waste costs into the future, as the location of your business has a significant affect on:

  • the ability of TasWater to accept your trade waste discharge to sewer
  • the cost of setting up your operation
  • ongoing trade waste management costs