Unconnected Serviced Land Charges Explained

Why have I received a statement for water when I do not have a water or sewerage connection on my property?

Customers are charged if their property is located within a TasWater serviced land area whether the property is connected or unconnected to our infrastructure.  This is a legislative provision implemented originally by councils under the now repealed Section 95 of the Local Government Act in order to cover the cost of infrastructure and is now covered under the Water and Sewerage Act 2008, Section 68A.  This includes both vacant and built on land that is not connected to our infrastructure.

My land is vacant, why haven't I had to pay these fees before?

Customers have always paid service fees for vacant blocks of land within serviced areas; previously these fees would've been paid as part of council rates.

Why do I need to pay for water and sewerage services?

Water and sewerage infrastructure is costly in terms of construction and maintenance.  While your land may not be connected to the water or sewerage infrastructure, we are still working hard to ensure that the reticulation system and sewer pipes and associated pumps in your area are regularly maintained.  Your water and sewerage service fee contributes to the cost of servicing this infrastructure and responding to outages.

Will properties that are not currently in serviced land area have to pay for services in future?

If a property is not currently located in our serviced land area then they are not required to pay charges.  In future, should services be extended to new areas, customers will have the option to connect to TasWater infrastructure at their cost.

For a full list of fees and charges please click here.

2015-18 Price and Service Plan - Attachment 8.3 - Service Charges Policy