Water Meters

Remember - Please be mindful of potential hazards when accessing, cleaning and reading your water meter, including broken neutrals, vegetation, spiders, insects and reptiles. In the case of broken neutrals click HERE. Otherwise, TasWater suggests the use of a glove and plastic brush when accessing, cleaning and reading your water meter.

Customer Meter Read

A meter reading accurately determines your usage and charges applicable.  If we are unable to read your meter due to restricted access and have recently left you a card, you can submit your read using the below link. 

This should be done within two working days of the date on the postcard otherwise your usage will be estimated. 

Reading your meter  


Lift the flap on the top of your meter to reveal the current reading.  It will look something like this (if you have an older meter the colours on the dials might be different). 

The numbers with the white background represent kilolitres.  The numbers on the red background show your water usage in litres. 

Water meters benefit the environment

The introduction of water meters has noticeably reduced household water use.  With water meters, customers are now able to better monitor and reduce the water they use both inside and outside the home.

In Tasmania, TasWater is the 12th largest user of power in the state.  By installing water meters we have helped reduce our carbon footprint in the following ways:

  • with lower water use, TasWater has less need to pump vast amounts of water, lower electricity use and treatment costs and uses a lower quantity of treatment chemicals
  • by detecting hidden leaks in the system, pumping and treatment can be further reduced leading to additional environmental benefits
  • at the other end of the water cycle, benefits arise with decreases in sewage treatment and pumping, this means that less waste is returned back into the environment
  • old water meters will be recycled and parts used in the manufacture of new meters

Wasting water

 A dripping tap may not seem like much of a problem, but it could potentially be wasting as much as 50 litre of water every day. The table below shows some of the most common ways in which water goes to waste around the house, costing you money and putting unnecessary strain on the system


Water wasted

Dripping tap

5 – 50 litres per day 
(2 - 18 kL per year)

Leaking toilet

5 – 100 litres per day
(2- 36kL per year)

Leaving a tap running

9 – 20 litres per minute

A kilolitre is equal to one thousand litres - an average household will use approximately 200 kilolitres per year.  As illustrated above, the numbers with the white background represent kilolitres.  The numbers on the red background show your water usage in litres.  TasWater calculates your water usage bill in kilolitres only, so for the example above you would be billed for 13 kilolitres.  The litre numbers are for test purposes, including testing for water leaks and meter accuracies.

Remember - a kilolitre is equal to 1000 litres and an average household will use approximately 200 kilolitres per year.

Why do I have a water meter?

Water meters are installed on properties to record how much water is being used.  Under the Water and Sewerage Industry Act 2008, TasWater is required to charge customers based on two part pricing, that is, a fixed service charge and a water usage charge.  Water meters are the property of TasWater and we are responsible for maintaining the meter.

Where is my water meter located?

The meter is usually located just within the boundary of the property, where the property's water supply connects to our mains.  If you cannot locate your water meter, an application for the location can be made to TasWater on 13 6992.

If I don't currently have a meter, will I get one?

The Tasmanian Metering Project, partially funded by the Federal Government, has been under-way for the last two years.  We have installed new water meters with automatic meter reading (AMR) technology in previously unmetered properties.  We are now visiting properties with older meters to upgrade these to the new standard.  Meters will continue to be installed or replaced in line with our water meter policy.

How often will water meters be read?

Your meter will be read quarterly by an authorised TasWater representative.  Representatives will read the meters between the hours of 7.00 am and 7.00 pm Monday to Friday.  If for some reason the reading is missed or the meter is unable to be read, you will receive an estimated reading.

If we have over or under estimated the reading, your statement will be amended accordingly when the next reading occurs.

This will ensure that your account is adjusted to make certain  that you are charged the correct amount.

Who has access to my water meter?

Authorised TasWater representatives, including our Meter Readers and Operations team for maintenance purposes, and our contractors who are replacing old or redundant meters.  If TasWater needs access to your property to read your meter but the water meter cannot be accessed an a reading cannot be obtained, we will issue a statement based on an estimated water usage from previous usage data

Please note, no alterations or adjustments will be made to the estimated read on the statement until the next actual reading is obtained by a TasWater representative. 

In the event that a water meter cannot be accessed for any reason, an application can be made to TasWater for the relocation of the water meter or the installation of a remote reading device.  It is important to note that access will be required annually to the remote reading device for validation purposes.  Relocation of meters requires lodgement of an application to TasWater and a payment of associated fees.

What happens if my meter is not accessible?

It is the property owner/occupier's responsibility to ensure safe and easy access is available for TasWater representatives to read and maintain meters on your property.  Failure to do so may result in the owners being charged for any costs associated with clearing the area.

How do I arrange a special water meter reading?

To arrange for a special water meter reading please call TasWater on 13 6992.  The current cost for a special water meter reading can be found under fees and charges.