Meter Read

Sometimes our meter reading team is unable to collect an actual meter read – usually due to one of the following reasons, where:
a meter is unsafe to read
there evidence of an animal
we cannot access a meter ie locked gates
a meter is broken which includes faulty electronic reading devices

When this occurs, we are happy to receive a customer provided read.  On those occasions where we leave a postcard and a customer read is not provided within two days, usage of the account will be estimated.

Estimating usage is commonly used by most utilities in some circumstances and is not new to TasWater. Estimations are based on the actual historical usage of the property and will not disadvantage our customers. While we endeavour to be as accurate as possible, there may be some discrepancies which will self-correct with the next scheduled actual read.  

If you have received an estimated account and would like to provide us with an actual meter read, please complete the form below.




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