Strata Title Sub Metering

TasWater's policy regarding water meters on strata title properties is to install one master meter on the connection entering the property.  Strata property owners have the option of electing to have individual sub meters installed to service each dwelling.

Prior to Sub-metering a property the owners need to arrange for a vote of lot owners on whether to install sub-meters and obtain all lot owners’ agreement before TasWater will proceed with any request.

TasWater only acknowledges a Body Corporate, not individual owners.  Under the Strata Titles Act it is a requirement that a Body Corporate comes into existence automatically on registration of the strata plan by the Recorder of Titles.  The Body Corporate is made up of all owners of a lot in the strata scheme.  Therefore the "one in all in" policy is required as TasWater cannot run two different systems to the one block of land.

Where there are many strata title property owners sharing the master meter rather than having individual meters, the cost of the fixed fee will be apportioned according to tenement entitlements (which are set by the Lands Title Office), considerably reducing the fixed charge.

In many cases, the variable charge is outweighed by the savings made in sharing these fixed charges.  This means that many strata title property owners receive an advantage over their freehold neighbours by having decided to live in a strata title environment and through sharing costs, as is the intent of these types of properties.  However, it is important to note that should the option to sub meter be taken, each property owner will be required to pay full individual residential service charge, based on a sub meter size which is nominally 20mm.

TasWater maintains that certain requirements are to be met before you contact TasWater to discuss installation of sub meter.  This includes engaging a plumber to clarify that the existing internal plumbing at the property can sustain the install of sub meters.  Please refer to the sub meter application for further information regarding your responsibilities.

Once all owners in a strata scheme have agreed to sub metering and the sub meters have been installed, the body corporate can provide TasWater with a copy of a unanimous resolution authorising billing to be based on the sub meters. This written confirmation must occur prior to any change of the billing configurations. TasWater will then cease billing from the master meter and commence billing from the sub meters.  

For all metering arrangements, please refer to our guidelines here.

What will the bill look like?

Common ground usage will appear as a separate line item on the front of an account showing share of the usage (share in kL, Water Usage rate and period of usage).

Meter details, readings and dates will appear on the back as a separate line item under any other meter detail (see below).

A message will also appear on the back of the account highlighting that this is the share of usage for a specific meter.

Sub metering bill graphic.png 

Key terms:
Sub meters are individual water meters that measure water usage downstream of a master meter.

A master meter is the meter installed at the connection point and measures the total volume of water supplied to a property.

TasWater has a sub metering policy, that the Economic Regulator has approved, which sets out the approach to sub metering and billing of existing and new strata schemes and multi-unit properties for the 2015-18 regulatory period.
Under the currently legislated planning scheme there is no requirement to sub meter individual lots or units in strata schemes or multi-unit properties respectively.
With respect to new developments the installation of sub meters is at the discretion of the property owner.
In existing strata schemes, all lot owners in a strata scheme must agree to sub metering.
In existing multi-unit properties, sub metering is at the discretion of the property owner.
In both existing strata schemes and multi-unit properties the ability to sub meter is dependent on plumbing being suitable for sub metering. However, property owners are encouraged to consider installing plumbing that will support future sub metering of their property.

A copy of TasWater’s Water sub metering Policy is provided here.

Details on the installation of sub meters can be found here.