Serviced Land

Serviced Land is the land which TasWater will permit to be connected to its water and sewerage infrastructure. The identification of Serviced Land is important as it determines TasWater’s obligation to connect and supply customers. Serviced Land also underpins policies and arrangements with respect to service extension and expansion, service charges, service introduction, service replacement and developer charges.

The Economic Regulator requires TasWater to publish separate descriptions of Serviced Land for water services and sewerage services and ensure the description is updated and published on a regular and ongoing basis.

In preparation for the 2015-18 regulatory period, TasWater adopted a desktop based approach to the identification of its Serviced Land area, guided by a state-wide set of business rules that address issues such as minimum flow, static pressure and proximity to infrastructure mains.

TasWater has identified Serviced Land based on individual land titles. Each title has been assessed for a single tenement connection. In the event that multiple tenements are required, additional assessments will need to be undertaken.

Note: Serviced Land assessments are performed on each property with a valid title reference as per data supplied by The LIST. Any errors or omissions in this data are beyond TasWater’s control.

For more information, see the Price and Service Plan 2015-18.

Serviced Land Maps

The links below will display the Serviced Land maps for water and sewerage services respectively in LISTmap, which is an online map viewer managed by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.



Click here for the Serviced Land Map for Water

Areas coloured blue on the map denote titles with full service, i.e. they can be supplied with treated water and are:
1. within 30m of a TasWater reticulation main and can receive the minimum flow and pressure; or
2. are currently connected and receivi‚Äčng the minimum flow and pressure.
Areas coloured orange on the map denote titles with limited service, i.e. they either:
1. receive untreated water; or

2. are directly connected to a bulk transfer main; or

3. are currently connected but do not receive the minimum flow or pressure.

Uncoloured areas, i.e. areas where the base map can be clearly seen, are not serviced.


Click here for the Serviced Land Map for Sewerage

Areas coloured pink on the sewerage map denote titles with Full Service, i.e. they are:

1. currently connected to a TasWater gravity reticulation main; or

2. within 30 metres of a TasWater reticulation main and are able to connect via a gravity connection; or

3. currently connected to a TasWater gravity reticulation main via a private pumping station; or

4. currently connected to a TasWater pressure reticulation sewer main.

Uncoloured areas, i.e. areas where the base map can be clearly seen, are not serviced.

Basic User Guide

The LISTmap has a number of tools to navigate around the map to enable you to find what you are looking for.  For detailed instructions click here.

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Disclaimer: The Serviced Land Area is subject to the asset data and knowledge available to TasWater at the time of publication. While all reasonable care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information portrayed in the Serviced Land Area maps, its purpose is to provide a general indication of the location of TasWater serviced land. The information provided may contain errors or omissions and the accuracy may not suit all users. TasWater provides no warranties or guarantees as to the suitability of the maps for any particular purpose.