FAQ on Development Application Form

What needs to be filled out?
It is very important that all sections of the application form is filled out. This will greatly assist the assessment and approval process that follows. Some information may not be known (i.e. property identification, however, please ensure all other information is correct and provided. The second page is more specific to what the application is for and a checklist of documents required to be submitted to support the application.

It is important to remember that for each stage of your development a separate application will need to be completed.

Who will be invoiced? 

Please complete invoicing details on page one (section two) of the development application form to ensure that the correct responsible party is invoiced. If this section is not completed the applicant will be set as the default. If the property owner is to be invoiced then they need to complete and sign the property owner section.

What do I need to do once the form is filled out?
Completed applications are to be emailed to If preferred, they can also be mailed to TasWater Development Services, GPO Box 1393, Hobart TAS 7001.

How do I know this has been submitted?
You will receive an automatic reply from our email thanking you for your application.

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