Quick Guides

TasWater’s Development Services Department has a single multi-purpose application form, which covers applying for all facets of development activities. The form can be found here.

When completing the form, please note that section 5 MUST to be completed correctly to confirm the application type, as this will greatly assist in timely processing of the application.


Your Ideas

A clear sketch will help convey the intent of your proposal to the TasWater development staff and speed up the assessment process:

  • prepare a sketch of the site and draw it to scale, e.g. 1:100 (1cm = 1m). If your site is large, consider a small scale “site plan” with a larger sketch of specific details
  • include floor plans and distances from external walls to the boundaries
  • draw elevations and show an overall height of the proposal if possible
  • obtain locations of TasWater sewers or water mains on the site by contacting “Dial Before You Dig” or TasWater. Show the water and or sewer on the sketch plans.

You can also request a free Service Advice from TasWater to determine if the land in question is “serviced land” for water and/or sewer and whether the existing infrastructure (water treatment plants, water mains, sewers, sewage treatment plant) has capacity to support the proposed subdivision.  If not serviced land, then TasWater will advise if the proposed development can be serviced and in some rare cases if additional pipe work is required and who will be responsible for this and at whose cost it will be.

In the case of large developments TasWater will advise if hydraulic modelling and a Pressure and Flow Investigation (PFI) are required and what the applicable headworks and developer contributions will be.

Discuss the issue of TasWater pipes that are close to your proposed buildings with the development staff.

Be aware some commercial buildings require a Trade Waste (non-domestic sewage) agreement.


Planning Permit
Take your sketches to the council and ask the planning staff if your proposal requires planning approval.  This service is free and is extremely important.
(If exempt from planning approval go to Step 3)

Lodge an application with council and include a site plan, floor plan, elevations, title certificate including schedule of easements (if applicable) and the title diagram (available from your solicitor, bank or Service Tasmania) and anything else that the planner has discussed with you. This can take up to 42 days to be assessed.

The application may be referred from the council to TasWater who may include permit conditions.

Additional information required by TasWater to be included in your planning application may include:

  • preliminary building/site plans
  • Concept Servicing Plan for connections to TasWater water and sewer infrastructure including trade waste details, extensions and preliminary hydraulic modeling (as required)
  • in some cases a report may also be required.

TasWater will formally advise if further information is required.


Preparation to Lodge your Building Permit
Certificate for Certifiable Work - TasWater
(if required click here)

The application for a Certificate for Certifiable Work (Building) and/or (Plumbing) should be prepared and submitted to TasWater.  The application should include:

  • details of existing buildings, buildings to be removed and/or proposed buildings
  • footing details for buildings within the influence of TasWater underground pipe work
  • TasWater’s water and sewer infrastructure including proposed extensions/relocations and details of new/upgraded connections/removal of redundant connections to TasWater underground pipe work.

For proposed extensions and relocations of TasWater underground pipe work detailed engineering plans are required to be submitted to TasWater for approval and issue of an Engineering Design Approval.  The design should include details of the mains extensions and details of connections to TasWater underground pipe work (see Subdivisions Quick Guide for creation of new assets).

An application for Trade Waste discharge should also accompany the Certificate for Certifiable Work (Building) and/or (Plumbing) application.

A Certificate for Certifiable Work (Building) and/or (Plumbing) will be issued within 14 days. This will be sent to the applicant/owner and should then be forwarded to the council and to your building surveyor.

Select Your Builder

Select an accredited builder, or if you are an ‘Owner Builder’ talk to your council’s building department about what extra paperwork is required.


Certificate of Likely Compliance – Building Surveyor

Give your building surveyor your builder’s details (or the owner builder documents) and the Certificate for Certifiable Works (Building) and/or (Plumbing) (or the Building and Plumbing Exemption if applicable).

A Certificate of Likely Compliance will be issued by your building surveyor in due course.


Building Permits and Construction
Building Permit – Your Local Council

Apply for building and plumbing permits through your council.  You will need to take everything that the building surveyor has given you.

You require your building permit before starting any works.


Start Building

Take your documents to your builder and discuss the start date.

Works must start within 1 year and must be completed within 2 years.

Note: Council and your building surveyor can agree for a ‘limited’ extension of time if necessary.

Building works including trade waste and boundary backflow containment requirements need to be undertaken by the developer with any inspections undertaken by TasWater as required.

Application for new connections is required for connections to existing TasWater underground pipe work including modification to connections, removal of redundant connections and supply of water meters.  Upon payment for these works, TasWater will install the connections/supply the water meters.


Certificate of Water and Sewerage Compliance (Building) and/or (Plumbing)

After all works are completed the developer needs to apply to TasWater for a Certificate of Water and Sewerage Compliance (Building) and/or (Plumbing) and TasWater will issue a certificate to the applicant who then needs to submit this to council.




Service Advice

There are times when TasWater’s sewerage and or water infrastructure is not:

  • available for a proposed development; or
  • able to provide an adequate service level for a proposed development.

Location of available services can be obtained via the Dial-Before-You-Dig service or by contacting TasWater direct.

You may submit a service advice request to TasWater to obtain additional information such as :

  • whether the land is “serviced land” for water and/or sewer
  • whether the existing infrastructure (water treatment plants, water mains, sewers, sewage treatment plant) has capacity to support the proposed subdivision
  • if not serviced land, then TasWater will advise if the proposed subdivision can be serviced and what hydraulic infrastructure is required for new or upgraded infrastructure to facilitate the subdivision and who is responsible for the associated costs
  • whether hydraulic modelling is required and by whom.

TasWater encourages developers to discuss such matters prior to formal submission of your application.


Planning Permit

The developer requires a planning permit for a subdivision. 

If the subdivision requires sewer and or water services or impacts on TasWater infrastructure, the Council will refer the application to Taswater for a submission to be included in the permit.

The application must include:

  • a proposed subdivision layout (roads, lots etc.)
  • title details
  • a concept servicing plan for connections to TasWater water and sewer infrastructure.

TasWater will assess the information provided and request further information if required to complete the assessment. 

TasWater will issue a “Submission to Planning Authority Notice” (SPAN) to Council and this will form a part of the planning permit.



Design Approval

The developer may be required to submit detailed engineering plans to TasWater for approval for issue of an Engineering Design Approval.

The engineering plans must include details of the extensions to TasWater mains and/or connections to TasWater infrastructure.



The contractor needs to obtain a Permit to Construct prior to commencement of the construction of infrastructure intended to be ‘gifted’ to TasWater.

The Permit to Construct will provide details on:

  • required TasWater inspection including "hold" points
  • testing compliance criteria
  • as constructed plans
  • practical completion and final acceptance requirements
  • security bonds and defects liability period.

An application for new connections is required for connections to existing infrastructure, connections for a “connections only subdivision” and for removal of redundant connections.


Plan of Subdivision

Following the issue of a TasWater Practical Completion Certificate, the developer may lodge the Plan of Subdivision with council and request the Council to ‘seal’ the Plan.

Council will seek confirmation that all TasWater permit conditions have been met, including payment of developer charges (if applicable).

TasWater will issue a Certificate of Approval of the Plan of Subdivision to Council if all conditions have been met.