Service locations

TasWater has made a change to the procedure for service locations. This change came into effect 1 July 2018, and was done for the following reasons:

  • Allows TasWater to focus on our core service: providing our customers with safe drinking water and responsibly managing their sewage
  • Provide more value for our customers, as a certified service locator can locate assets from several infrastructure owners at the same time (eg, water, sewerage, electricity, telecommunications)
  • There are other mechanisms available for our customers to access information about our assets.

We encourage our customers to utilise the free Dial Before You Dig service (visit or call 1100 during business hours). This will provide you with general information regarding the location of our assets, and other authorities' assets as well.

(Please click here for more details about Dial Before You Dig.)

If you want extra support such as the physical location and marking of the assets, please contact one of the following service locator providers: 

Company Name

Service Area (Tasmanian Region)

Contact Details

AJ Water and Leak Detection

North, North East and North West

M: 0457 710 684



Archer’s Underground Services Locations, Inc. Vacuum Excavations (NDD)


M: 0418 737 299 (South)

M: 0459 807 299 (North/North West)

P: (03) 6245 1298


Astrotec Pty Ltd

South, Central Highlands, East Coast and West Coast

P:  (03) 6229 7000

M: Terry 0427 424 483

M: Simon 0408 479 601

Esk Mapping & GIS


M: 0417 352 720


Mainmark Asset Preservation


M: 1800 623 312



NME Services

North-West and West Coast

M: 0408 635 357


Paneltec Pty Ltd

North and North East

P:  (03) 6343 2067

M: 0438 606 727


Protech Underground Asset Locations Pty Ltd

South, Central Highlands, East Coast, West Coast

M: 0437 016 910




UDM Group (Utility Detection & Mapping)


M: 0428 766 635



Please note that TasWater will continue to help our customers locate your residential water stop taps free of charge. Sewer drainage plans, which show Inspection Opening (IO) locations for existing buildings are available from your local council. 

For further information regarding this change, please contact us on 13 6992.