New procedures

New Procedures for service location

TasWater has made a number of changes to its service location procedures. These changes came into effect on 1 July, 2017 and will help TasWater to focus on its core services:

  1. The sourcing, treatment and reliable delivery of quality drinking water to its customers
  2. The collection, transportation, treatment and safe return of wastewater to the environment.

TasWater currently receives approximately 3000 enquiries every month via Dial Before You Dig relating to underground infrastructure. We send out a standard letter and a set of plans in response to all of these enquiries.

Due to the age and nature of our underground infrastructure, we are unable to guarantee the accuracy of our plans. Accuracy is a particular problem in the state’s rural and regional areas and we advise members of the public that our plans are indicative only.

Until now, those people wanting site verification of underground water and sewerage assets have been able to engage TasWater at a small cost. This service has now ceased and all enquiries will now be referred to external contractors/service locators.

Company Name

Service Area

Contact Details

AJ Water and Leak Detection

North, North East and North West

M: 0457 710 684



Archer’s Underground Services Locations, Inc. Vacuum Excavations (NDD)


M: 0418 737 299 (South)

M: 0459 807 299 (North/North West)

P: (03) 6245 1298


Astrotec Pty Ltd

South, Central Highlands, East Coast and West Coast

P:  (03) 6229 7000

M: Terry 0427 424 483

M: Simon 0408 479 601

Esk Mapping & GIS


M: 0417 352 720


Mainmark Asset Preservation


M: 0417 511 115



NME Services

North-West and West Coast

M: 0408 635 357


Paneltec Pty Ltd

North and North East

P:  (03) 6343 2067

M: 0438 606 727


Protech Underground Asset Locations Pty Ltd

South, Central Highlands, East Coast, West Coast

M: 0437 016 910



If a customer still wishes to directly engage TasWater to locate just our water and sewerage underground assets only, we will continue to provide this service until 30 June 2018. Please note there are limitations with this service. We are unable to perform excavation or to use cameras or ground penetrating radar. In addition, we are unable to locate services belonging to other authorities (e.g. electricity, gas and communications). Therefore we recommend that you contact and engage one of the experienced and qualified service location service providers (listed above).

1                    What does it mean for TasWater?

TasWater will continue to respond to all Dial Before You Dig enquiries with a standard letter and set of plans showing underground water and sewerage infrastructure.

Moving forward, we will also include a list of businesses who can provide service location services across the state for those people wanting accurate site verification.

If you engage one of these providers to locate services for you, we will still continue to provide personnel for ‘standover’ duties if work is being undertaken in the vicinity of our critical assets.


2                        What does it mean for our customers?

There will be significant advantages in terms of people being able to use a single locator for all underground assets including water and sewerage, electricity, gas and communications.

All customers are advised to use the free Dial Before You Dig service before undertaking any excavation work – no matter how minor it is considered to be. Members of the public who fail to take fair and reasonable steps to locate TasWater’s underground assets will be expected to pay for any repair costs if the infrastructure is damaged.


3                        What does this mean for service locators?

In the future, TasWater is hoping to work closely with service locators to improve the accuracy of our asset data – particularly in rural and regional areas where there are known to be some inaccuracies.

Where there is no current data or where the data is incorrect, service locators are asked to help TasWater update our data register by emailing any relevant information to

For its part, TasWater is open to feedback and is happy to consider improvements to the information being supplied. For example, following on from a workshop earlier this year, we will commence indicating the material that particular sections of pipe have been made from on our plans.

Service locators are encouraged to utilise the free LISTmap service (available at

For specific enquiries service locators can contact TasWater on 13 6992 and will be referred to the relevant regional coordinator.

This might be the case, for example:

  •        When services aren’t able to be located or when there are serious doubts over the location of a service
  •        When there is the possibility that an underground service might be one of TasWater’s critical assets (such as a major water supply or sewage pipeline).


4                        What does it mean for other stakeholders?

TasWater will consider how we can minimise any impact of changes on our stakeholders.


5                        More information:

For more information about service location: