P1050151.jpgTasWater successfully completes historic
24glasses – Regional Towns Water Supply Program.

In August 2016, TasWater committed to accelerating works to remove Public Health Alerts (PHAs) from regional towns across Tasmania. TasWater is pleased to confirm that PHAs (Boil Water Alerts and Do Not Consume Notices) have now been removed from all TasWater connected water supplies. Now, 100 per cent of TasWater’s customers can enjoy a glass of water that is safe to drink, straight from the tap.

TasWater Chairman Miles Hampton says this is an historic development for the Tasmanian community.

“Drinking water infrastructure, like roads, electricity and transport networks, underpin the economic and social structure of a community. Now with the completion of our 24glasses-Regional Towns Water Supply Program, every TasWater customer has access to clean and safe water.”

“Mr Hampton said that since the water reform first occurred in 2009, over 28,000 connections had received an upgrade to their water supply so that they could drink water straight from the tap, with a total of 48 PHAs also removed during this period.”

“The project took some time to build momentum, but in the last two years alone we have built 17 water treatment plants, installed four water transfer pipelines, cleaned and upgraded water mains and reticulation networks, and installed tank systems where it was the community preference.”

“The work has been immense and I pay tribute to CEO Mike Brewster, and indeed all the staff within TasWater who have worked so hard to achieve this goal. I also thank the many companies and contractors who have worked with us to deliver this important program ahead of schedule.”

“Many of these projects have been located in small, isolated communities where support services have been limited and the environment harsh. To bring Tasmanian services up to a standard which match the best in Australia is fantastic.”

Mr Hampton added that benefits to local communities and economies cannot be underestimated, with good quality infrastructure a key to their prosperity.

“I am proud of the program’s positive impact on our customers, especially those who have endured less than satisfactory water supplies. TasWater has never shied away from acknowledging this shortfall in service but has remained determined to provide well-engineered solutions that are fit for purpose, and most of all, affordable and financially sustainable.”

Mr Hampton says the support of TasWater’s owner councils was also instrumental in the successful removal of all Boil Water Alerts and Do Not Consume Notices.

“It was the acceptance to forego part of their dividends which was crucial to meeting not only our goal but also the deadline – the end of this month, and I thank the local government sector in having faith in TasWater, its board and most importantly its staff.

“Both myself and our CEO Mike Brewster are delighted to be celebrating what is a historic achievement which will benefit generations of Tasmanians to come,” said Mr Hampton.

For more information about the 24glasses - Regional Towns Water Supply Program click HERE.