A day in the life of Charlotte How

Charlotte How, SCADA Operator

Operations Control Centre, Devonport.

When you’re asleep, TasWater is still working away to ensure the community has water and their sewage is taken care of.

At the forefront is Charlotte How. Charlotte is a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Operator in the Operations Control Centre based in Devonport, on the North-West of Tasmania.

Her team plays a big part in ensuring TasWater is available 24/7 365-days a year.


The Operations Control Centre (OCC) is staffed by highly-trained and experienced staff, offering full network support, proactive monitoring and control, outage troubleshooting and management, dispatch services, escalation support and asset performance assessment. In addition to real-time performance monitoring of critical alarms and managing after-hours call-outs for high priority issues, the OCC also keeps an eye on the weather and provides proactive information to the business.

The operators work on a four on four off  12 hour shift roster to ensure coverage  24/7 365. The shifts overlap by 30 minutes to allow to operators to conduct a hand-over and discuss any events that have occurred that are either still ongoing, or still require closer monitoring moving forward. The hand over can include any important notes or updates, current or expected issues, unavailable crews, locations of crew if they are out working after-hours and any water outages.

Following the handover, Charlotte begins her shift by checking a daily log to ensure she is up to date with any recent actions, crew callouts and alarms (non-urgent) that may not have been mentioned in her handover.

Charlotte then monitors four different systems, which will alert her to the operating status of TasWater’s assets. The systems oversee reservoir levels, pump stations, water treatment plants, sewerage treatment plants. These systems alert her to any pump faults or failures, any systems which go offline, sudden drops in reservoir levels and water treatment plant quality to ensure customers are always receiving water that is safe to drink.

 In addition to this she can receive alerts from the stay safe app.  Stay Safe is an app used to manage the well-being of our lone and remote workers.

Charlotte, along with the other operators, has remote control over some of the systems and, if a failure occurs, have the ability to reset the asset or control valves to resolve the fault/issue. If they are unable to do this remotely they would then call the relevant crew to attend the site if required.

Another important function that Charlotte and the OCC team are responsible for are the management of fault calls receive from our customers 24/7/365. These faults are prioritised and dispatched to field operations to ensure a timely response to rectify the fault.


Terry Coates, Water Operator

Cradle Valley sewage treatment plant.

Terry Coates, Water Operator

Cradle Valley sewage treatment plant.

Terry Coates, Water Operator

Cradle Valley sewage treatment plant.