A day in the life of Keshni Thaver

Keshni Thaver,

Junior Legal Counsel, Hobart

TasWater has staff available 24/7 365 days a year to ensure our customers have safe drinking water and their sewerage needs are taken care of but not all staff members work directly with water or sewerage. There are a number of roles within TasWater that help ensure all customers have their needs met. One of these roles is a Junior Legal Counsel.

Keshni started working for TasWater as a paralegal in November 2015 before moving into Junior Legal Counsel in 2018. She completed a double degree and holds a Bachelor in both Arts and Law.

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No two days are the same of Keshni. A big part of her role is to assess minor third party claims against TasWater.  The procedure to investigate and respond can be very similar in each claim but Keshni needs to consider various factors.

Keshni takes an impartial and neutral approach to her work. Her role in assessing claims is to investigate TasWater’s conduct. This sometimes includes site visits to customers so she can fully understand the claim she is processing and exactly what the customers is requesting in their claim.  The most common subject of claims is property damage caused by TasWater infrastructure such as burst water mains/leaks or sewerage overflows. Once an investigation is complete Keshni is responsible for drafting a response to the customer and submitting it to Legal Counsel for review.

Keshni also handles TasWater’s insurance portfolio. This includes gathering information for classes of insurance. TasWater require a number of different insurances including property, motor vehicle, directors and officers and workers compensation insurances.

Her day can also involve property matters, such as adding an easement to a landowner’s title. TasWater has approximately 6,385 km of water mains and 4,764 km of sewer mains around the state. On occasions, TasWater may need to cross private land to install infrastructure. Easements provide TasWater legal access to ensure any maintenance or repairs can be completed when required. Keshni assists in drafting paperwork to request the easements.