A day in the life of Paul Walker

Day in the life of Paul Walker

Manager Treatment & Pumps North, Burnie.

You will find Paul Walker based at Burnie’s Roundhill Sewerage Treatment Plant.  Paul oversees the day- to-day operations of 11 Sewerage Treatment Plants, 11 Water Treatment plants, 207 Sewerage Pumping Stations and eight Sewerage Lagoon systems across Burnie, Circular Head, West coast and shared Northern areas.

In Paul’s short time at TasWater he has succeeded in four different job roles, firstly based in Launceston as coordinator of Urban Networks, moving to a secondment as part of the MOS (Management Operations Systems) taskforce, followed by an Acting Coordinator of the NorthWest,  to his current position today (Manager of Treatment & Pumps North) secured in May this year.


Paul will start his day by reviewing an analytic program called Power BI which helps him to gather coherent data of work standards, works completed, works scheduled, logged IRIS ( a software system used to manage incidents, hazards and risks) and safety Issues.

After data is gathered a teleconference is held between Paul and the plant coordinators to review the data and discuss any concerns. Some concerns include any safety issues experienced by employees, delays to needed improvements or upgrades and any technical issues.

Following this, all concerns and data information is relayed to Steve Sillifant, Acting Department Manager. Directly after, all discussions are shared with the leadership team via a daily review meeting.

Paul also provides support to the front line Coordinators to ensure any plant and operational issues are escalated accordingly. Paul also monitors plant performance and discusses any concerns with the Coordinators or team members. 

 “My role is about providing support to my coordinators; my experience with MOS allows me to manage by implementing tools through meetings and behaviours to drive results”. 

Site visits are vital to touch base with crew members in regards to well-being also to provide and maintain a productive and positive workplace.   Paul also ensures that crews have everything they need to get the job done.

“Safety is the number one priority in my role. We review incidents and hazards daily to ensure there is no re-occurrence and everybody returns home safe.  I have a duty of care to these crews and their families. I need to ensure we keep everyone safe”. 


Occasionally you will spot Paul out conducting leadership walks. These are completed to ensure a safe working environment and safe work practices are maintained. It is also used as a feedback and assessment tool to have discussions with individual team members. This also provides the ability to drive our values and behaviours. It is also a great tool to ensure customer focus is maintained and any issues are escalated to the Coordinator.