Inside TasWater - Episode 10

11 June 2019

TasWater crews manage approximately 182,000 sewerage connections around the state. Crews are available 24/7 365 days a year to attend assets when something isn’t operating as it should.

A property in Trevallyn, a suburb of Launceston, recently noticed their sewage connection was blocking up. Within an hour, a TasWater crew attended the property to unblock the line. The crew was able to remove the blockage but there were concerns the property’s connection pipe might have been damaged. A camera was used to scope out the pipe. CCTV footage was captured and confirmed there was damage to the pipe, which was restricting the flow.

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The coordinator of the area organised to find the locations of other assets, such as telecommunication cables.  These were marked on site around the sewage connection line. A vac truck was organised with TasWater’s contractors Paneltec, to assist our crew in exposing the pipe so it could be investigated.

The initial CCTV footage did not clearly show the fault so crews were not sure what to expect. Once the Paneltec crew had exposed the line it uncovered a collapsed connection. The cause of the collapse is not known but it is believed the pipe may have been previously damaged which accelerated the decay.

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The damaged pipe was cut away and completely replaced. The hole was filled and a request sent to contractors to reinstate the footpath.

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