Inside TasWater - Episode 3

17 August 2018

A damaged water main in Bridgewater recently had TasWater crews working well into the night to ensure water was restored to approximately 800 properties.

Reports of multiple properties in Bridgewater being without water were made to TasWater on Monday afternoon. It was then reported that a 450mm main had been hit by a 25-tonne excavator working in the area on a new subdivision which will see multiple units built on Green Point Road.

TasWater crews attended the site and worked quickly to isolate the main as large amounts of water flooded the nearby Midlands Highway, resulting in a traffic hazard and delays for motorists. Tasmania Police were called to the scene to assist with directing traffic until the main could be isolated.

An emergency outage was declared and the TasWater social media team and customer contact centre did their best to ensure updates were provided to affected residents via Facebook and Twitter. The TasWater phone line and website were also updated to get the message out.

Once the water was isolated TasWater crews undertook a deep excavation to cut and replace a four-meter section of the water main. TasWater then slowly restored the water to avoid any further breaks as such a large area had been isolated. Flushing of the lines and water quality tests was also completed that night to reduce the impact of discoloured water.

Water was restored to affected properties at about 10pm and residents were asked to run an internal tap to clear out any air or sediment that may have been trapped in the lines.

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