Inside TasWater - Episode 6

17th February 2019

Traffic diversions were implemented on a busy road at Newstead as TasWater worked on repairing a large burst water main, without disrupting the water supply of nearby customers.

The initial notification of the burst was received from the Tasmanian Police just after 5am on Sunday, 17 February, with a TasWater crew arriving at the scene shortly after. The crew’s initial focus was to isolate the water allowing for the broken water main to be assessed. Due to the amount of water leaking from the pipe, traffic management was in place to close a section of Hobblers Bridge Road. The road was reopened to one lane once the water leak was isolated. The crew were able to utilise valves in the area to ensure the water supply to nearby properties was unaffected during the repairs.

TasWater worked in conjunction with contractors from Paneltec to excavate a large area of the road around the pipe.  TasGas were also present on site as a gas line was located near the area. An area approximately the size of a bus was excavated with a depth of one and a half meters which uncovered a 100-year-old, 375mm water pipe. The water main was in good condition and gave no warning before the burst occurred. 

Once the damage was assessed, a four and a half meter section of the pipe was cut away and replaced. Contractors from Stornoway assisted with a temporary reinstatement of the road surface after a large supply of gravel was delivered to the site. Traffic returned to normal in the area by around 7pm. TasWater later liaised with the Launceston City Council to have the road surface resealed.

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