Inside TasWater - Episode 7

3rd April 2019


There was a hive of activity on a residential street in Sheffield at the beginning of the month, as TasWater crews worked in conjunction with contractors to disconnect an old water main.

 A section of Henry Street had a water main on both sides of the road and it was discovered that one of these lines was old and corroded. Luckily, the main on the other side of the road was in perfect condition which enabled crews to disconnect the faulty line for the water network.

To resolve the issue and progress with disconnecting the water line, crew members moved the connection lines for six properties from the corroded line and cut them into the line on the opposite side of the road. There was also a fire hydrant on the line which was being disconnected so contractors were arranged to cut in a new hydrant on the opposite side of the road.


Once the affected properties and new fire hydrant were connected to their new water line, crews worked on disconnecting the faulty line. This was done by digging up the main and cutting it off from the rest of the reticulation system in two separate locations. The line was then capped where it had been cut, which allows water to flow through the water system to properties, without the need to pass through the corroded line, ensuring our customers continue to receive high-quality drinking water straight from their taps. 

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