Inside TasWater - Episode 4

21 November 2018                   

A TasWater crew recently worked in conjunction with contractors to repair a slow water leak in a customer’s connection line.

TasWater were alerted to a reoccurring damp patch on a road in Newnham, a suburb of Launceston. Although the cause was originally believed to be ground water, ongoing investigations found a small water leak in the pipe line that connects a property to the water main. The leak was approximately two meters away from where the water was noticed on the surface, which originally made the leak difficult to locate.

The Veolia vac-truck was on site to expose the underground pipe by jetting the ground with water to soften it before sucking it up. The vac-truck method is used as it allows TasWater access to their assets without the risk of damage that would more likely occur if digging machinery was used, such as excavators.

Once the pipe was exposed the crew got to work on the repair. The broken part of the connection pipe was cut away and a compression fitting, known as an olive, was used to re-join the pipe.

The area was then filled and the job referred to a contractor to reinstate the asphalt surface. 

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