Inside TasWater - Episode 5

17th December 2018

Devonport’s North Street was a hive of activity following reports of a broken connection line recently.

TasWater crews worked in conjunction with Veolia and their vac-truck to repair the connection line while limiting the disruption to customers.

An old copper pipe connecting a property to the mains had sprung a leak causing ongoing problems.  As the pipe runs horizontally across the road, traffic control was on site to assist crews while a Veolia vac-truck was used to expose the underground connection.

The safety of the crew is our number one priority. As the old connection line was metal and a power line was in the nearby vicinity, a tool known as a clamp meter was used to test for any electrical currents. A clamp meter alarms when an electrical current is detected to alert our crews. Crew members would then stop work immediately and seek assistance from TasNetworks. Luckily, on this occasion, there were no currents on the pipe.

Once the old line was removed it was replaced with a poly pipe and water was the restored to the affected customer. Further work was then passed on to local contractors so the area could be reinstated to its original condition.

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