Inside TasWater - Episode 1

10th of July 2018 

To ensure residents in Devonport are provided with a safe and consistent flow of drinking water two broken valves were replaced earlier this month.

Around 300 properties were given prior notice of the repairs, with water being switched off over a five-hour period.

The work was undertaken on the corner of Madden and Watkinson Street. It required TasWater to complete excavations to determine the valves and fittings required and a dial before you dig report, to obtain locations of other assets in the area. TasWater needed to engage further with Tas Gas, as there is a natural gas pipeline in the area.

TasWater crews were onsite with Paneltec’s vac-truck from Launceston, between 8.30am and 4.30pm.

The planned outage was scheduled during school holidays to lessen the impact on Don College. The college was then connected to a water trailer as the water was isolated by closing eight valves.

The valves were successfully replaced and the hole was filled ready for contractors to attend the site to reinstate the area to its original condition.

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