Inside TasWater - Episode 2

14th of August 2018

A quick response from TasWater has restored water pressure to a prominent Devonport business.

As part of the planned works, crews closed Rooke Lane and isolated the water supply to the property between 8am and 2pm.

TasWater engaged with several organisations to locate other infrastructure.   The crew worked around a natural gas pipeline, electrical wires, a fiber optic cable and a stormwater pipe, all within two meters of each other.

The works involved two Stornoway traffic control members, the new Devonport Veolia vac-truck and two TasWater crew members.    

The Veolia vac-truck experienced continuous blockages due to a substantial amount of rubble on site which caused unexpected delays.  Once the pipes were exposed it was discovered the domestic line had broken away from the main hydrant pipe, restricting the flow of water.  The existing connection was then linked using a poly pipe to the main water source located a further meter away.

Despite numerous obstacles, water was successfully restored by the 2pm deadline. The hole was then packed with gravel ready for contractors to reinstate the lane back to working order.

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