Public Health Alerts - Do Not Consume

Public Health Alerts - Do Not Consume

There are currently no public health/do not consume alerts


Although the town of Gormanston has recently been removed from the serviced land layer, residents are still receiving a water supply managed and controlled by TasWater. Until suitable installations associated with the service replacement have been completed, it is important that the residents of Gormanston continue to NOT consume the water.

TasWater regularly samples its water supplies. Sometimes the treatment of a water supply may not be adequate, increasing the risk of health concerns. If this happens, TasWater issues a Public Health Alert (Do not consume).

When a Public Health Alert (Do not consume) is issued, water should not be drunk or used for cooking or food preparation, or used for brushing teeth, ice making or preparing baby formula. .

The water can be used for:

  • Flushing toilets, showering and bathing (avoid swallowing water). As a precaution babies and toddlers should be sponge bathed to prevent them swallowing water
  • Washing dishes by hand or in a dishwasher
  • Garden irrigation, although all vegetables should be washed with clean drinking water prior to food preparation and cooking 
  • Washing clothes.

If your property is supplied by TasWater in an area affected by a Public Health Alert (Do not consume) you should ensure that all occupants, including rental tenants, are notified.

Advice to customers

  • do not drink your tap water or use it for cooking
  • boiling the water does NOT make it safe to drink
  • the water is safe for showering, washing clothes, toilets and gardening
  • for information about the health implications associated with drinking water that has been contaminated please call the DHHS Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738.

TasWater will keep customers fully informed through community meetings or direct mail of:

  • investigations confirming the source of contamination
  • steps taken to provide safe drinking water or an alternative supply
  • longer term infrastructure upgrade options to secure a safe water supply

Please call us at any time on 13 6992 should you have questions or concerns about your drinking water.