Capital Delivery Office FAQs

What is the Capital Delivery Office?

The Capital Delivery Office has been set up by TasWater to manage our complex and ambitious capital works program over the next few years. It is made up of TasWater and our  joint venture partners UGL Engineering and CPB Contractors with support from WSP Australia.

How will it benefit me?

Under this model, we can improve some of our infrastructure much sooner than we could under business as usual operations, making our business, water and sewerage services more efficient and reliable for you, our customers.

How will it work?

The Capital Delivery Office is part of TasWater and will investigate, plan and oversee construction and commissioning of infrastructure. Works will be delivered via contracts with local businesses, building skills and experience in the local market for future projects. Some contractors may be sourced from interstate if the skills and capacity needed at various times are not available in Tasmania but contracting local businesses remains the priority. Alliance specialists brought in from interstate will relocate to Tasmania.

Will my bills go up?

There will be no additional price increases except what has already been set out in our Price and Service Plan 3, which is part of our usual business. Our Price and Service Plans are developed in consultation with customers and prices are determined by the Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator. Under a Memorandum of Understanding with the State Government, there will be a price freeze for 2019-20 and price increases will be capped at 3.5 per cent through financial year 2026-27. One of the key objectives of the alliance is to deliver value for money.

What expertise does the preferred alliance partner have?

The preferred alliance partner is a joint venture between UGL Engineering and CPB Contractors with support from WSP Australia. UGL Engineering and CPB Contractors are both part of the CIMIC Group. The CIMIC Group is an ASX-listed contractor and provider of engineering services in the infrastructure, telecommunications, building, resources and environmental sectors. WSP Australia is a large engineering consultancy and will be engaged by the joint venture under a sub-alliance agreement.

How was the preferred alliance partner chosen?

TasWater went through an open Request for Proposal process to seek an alliance partner who could provide the expertise and resources needed for such a complex and ambition program of works.

Why does TasWater need other people to do its work?

Together, TasWater and the preferred alliance partner will have the mix of skills and capability needed to deliver the works. We have a range of skills in our staff already, and our staff are part of the partnership. The alliance model enhances TasWater’s capacity by giving us immediate access to a level of highly specialised expertise we do not currently have as well as more flexibility to increase and reduce resources as the program requires.

When will the Capital Delivery Office start work?

We are working with our preferred alliance partner and staff now to establish the office and it is expected to be fully operational by 1 July 2019. The agreement is for four years with the option to extend for another two years.

What happens after that?

We will assess next steps further into the agreement but this partnership will help us build the capability of our own staff and local business which will enable us to better deliver effective, efficient and reliable services to you in to the future.

Where can I get more information?

Keep an eye on our website for updates on this and other interesting work happening at TasWater.