Facebook house rules

Remember, this is a public Facebook page so anything you post on it will be visible to everyone – even if they do not have an account on Facebook or are not logged into their Facebook accounts.

When posting anything on this page, please adhere to Facebook's posting guidelines and respect your fellow community members.

TasWater does not tolerate posts that are:

  • abusive, defamatory, or obscene 
  • fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading 
  • in violation of anyone's intellectual property or privacy rights 
  • in violation of any law or regulation (Australian or otherwise) 
  • inappropriately racial, political or religious in reference or tone 
  • otherwise offensive.

You may not post any advertising, spam, selling or links to external sites. This includes posts used to direct traffic to other sites, blogs or Facebook pages.

Please do not post personal information including account numbers, addresses or other details.

If you come across a post or comment on our page that you consider inappropriate, Facebook allows you to report it directly either as a ‘mark as spam’ or ‘report as abuse’.

Posts that do not adhere to these House Rules will be removed without warning or consultation. Users who repeat this behaviour may be blocked.

TasWater is not liable for any damage caused by posts by visitors to this page in breach of these House Rules.