Water meter renewal program reaches Devonport

Water meters.jpg
Over the coming months TasWater will be replacing around 7000 water meters across properties west of the Mersey River in Devonport. This replacement program is part of the state-wide Water Meter Renewal Program that will continue across the state to mid-2019.

Many of the water meters currently in use are mechanical devices and as such are prone to wear and tear, much more than meters for electricity.
The new meters meet modern measurement regulations and the latest Australian standards that ensure the readings taken are accurate.
Devonport still has a number of asbestos water meter boxes which will be safely removed and replaced with standard meter boxes as part of the upgrade.
Specialist contractors will undertake the asbestos removal with appropriate protective equipment consisting of a white body suit.
Water meter renewal will follow and TasWater will endeavour to ensure minimal disturbance to properties during this process.
To undertake these works TasWater may need to access residential and commercial properties during normal business hours, Monday to Friday, and temporarily shut off water supply.
Once water supply is restored, some properties may also have temporary water discolouration or air in the pipes which can be easily remedied by running an outside tap until the water clears.
Access to the stop tap on properties may also require removal of plants and tree limbs in the immediate vicinity of the meter in order to complete the works.
The new water meters are able to be read remotely, reducing the time and resources required by TasWater to manually read the older water meters.
The new meters can also detect lower flow rates which can help with leak detection on properties if necessary.
All water meter renewal costs are covered by TasWater however customers may note on their next bill a cost for variable water usage on the old meter and a separate variable water usage cost from the date of installation of the new meter.
Please contact TasWater on 13 6992 or email for any questions about the new meters, bills, or access to property particularly if you wish to nominate an installation time. Installing a new water meter