Water works on the West Coast

Queenstown trip.jpg
Upgrades are underway on TasWater infrastructure in Queenstown, with the help of local contractors. Major works on the Conglomerate Dam are on track to finish by the end of May, and water and sewer mains are currently being replaced around town to improve the reliability of the services for local customers.
Dirk Dowling, General Manager West Coast Council and other council staff recently took a tour of the Conglomerate Dam site.
“From a council perspective, large developments that employ local contractors are a real bonus for the West Coast.” Mr Dowling said.
“It’s a credit to TasWater to take on the Conglomerate Dam upgrade. Council could not afford to do a development of that size. This is another great TasWater development that’s occurring for the West Coast community.”
TasWater Project Manager Gerard Tolson says the upgrades on Conglomerate Dam once complete will extend the life of this vital water supply dam by up to 100 years.
“We have transported 22,000 tonnes rock, sourced locally with a local contractor, as well as 4,500 tonnes of sand and gravel to the site since May last year.” Mr Tolson said.
“This project has been able to provide employment for a number of local firms and individuals through our contractor, Hazell Brothers.
“We are also working on water and sewer main upgrades in Latham and Elliott Streets to provide reliable and adequate supply, while also resolving some localised low pressure issues in the area.
Further upgrades to water and sewer mains in Nankivell, Mary and Du-Cane Streets will begin later this year.

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