Understanding Your Bill

Customers will receive a quarterly statement every three months. Statements will outline any new charges, payments received since your previous statement, current account balances and any overdue amounts. 

For further details and explanations of all terms on your statement, simply scroll over and click the relevant sections on the bill below.

We've detected your web browser might not support our interactive bill explainer tool. Click here to download our PDF bill explainer, or contact us if you would like more help understanding your bill.

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Name and address

This shows the name and postal address of the account holder. Please note, the postal address might be different to the service address. If you've received a bill with someone else's name on it, please give us a call on 13 6992.

Statement Number

Your 'Statement Number' is unique to each individual bill.

Issued date

This is the date that we have applied new charges or credits to your account. If you do not see a date it means no adjustments were necessary (you may have pre-paid).

Service Address

Your 'Service Address' is the property the charges relate to.

Your bill includes fixed service costs, as well as a water usage charge. This section provides a breakdown of the new charges applied to your account.

Fixed or Service Charges

  • 'Fixed Water Charges' are applied to customers with property within 30 meters of serviced land. Charges may vary depending on the size of connection.
  • 'Fixed Sewerage Charges' and 'Fixed Water Charges' are set amounts each financial year that reflect the cost of providing sewerage and water services to a property. They contribute to the cost of maintaining assets.

Variable Usage Charges

  • 'Variable Usage Charges' is the charge for the water your property has used since your last statement. It includes the number of kilolitres used, the rate at which they are charged, as well as the date of the previous and current read.

Account no.

The account number is unique to each property owned by the customer. Example: If you own three properties, you will have three different account numbers attached to each of those properties.


Overdue amounts are payable immediately.

Total due

The total amount is inclusive of all charges related to the account. This includes overdue amounts and interest applied to overdue accounts.

Due date

The due date is 30+ days from when the bill is sent out.

Account summary

This is a summary that breaks down the information contained in your bill:

  • 'Last Account' refers to the total of your last bill.
  • 'Paid / Adjusted' is the amount you have already paid toward your previous bill. It may also include adjustments such as interest charges. This figure can have a minus symbol in front of it to reflect a credit balance;
  • 'Balance' refers to any amount (credit or owing) that was on your account as of the date of issue (before adding new charges). If this amount is zero, your previous bill is up to date;
  • 'New Charges' is the new charge for the current billing cycle;
  • 'Total Due' is the total account balance as of the date of issue on the statement. As an essential service, water and sewerage charges are not subject to GST.

A further breakdown of your 'Paid / Adjusted' amount can also be found on the second page of your statement.

Your usage

This is a visual representation of your current and previous water usage for comparison. These figures are estimates only. Customers should always compare usage in kilolitres between their statements if they have any concerns. A kilolitre is equal to one thousand litres. An average household uses around 200 kilolitres each year.

POST billpay®

This section can be used to pay your bill in person. Staff at the post office or Service Tasmania will scan this barcode to process your payment more efficiently.

QR Code

This section includes a QR code that can be scanned by your mobile device, if you wish to sign up for online statements. Each QR code is unique and personalised allowing some of your account information to be prefilled into the online sign-up form.

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