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Understanding my bill

You will receive a quarterly statement every three months which combines fixed charges for water and sewerage, water usage charges, service charges for water and sewerage (for unconnected properties within Serviced Land), trade waste and miscellaneous fees and charges (if applicable).

• Fixed Charges pay for the cost of providing the service to properties, including maintaining and upgrading infrastructure
• Variable Water Usage Charges pay for the variable costs of treating water such as chemicals and electricity
• Service Charges pay for the cost of a service being available to properties, including maintaining and upgrading infrastructure

Owner occupiers pay all charges.  Residential tenants can be liable to pay water usage charges only.  TasWater will not send a separate account for water usage to the tenant.

When will my account statement be due or issued?


Quarterly Cycle









All customers have 30 days to pay for their statement.  The only difference is that some customers pay their services in advance, some in arrears and some partially in advance, depending on when their meter is read.  If you require further time to pay you must contact TasWater for an extension of the due date.

Adjustments to my bill


If we become aware that you have been overcharged for services provided, we will inform you within 10 business days and make a Refund in accordance with section 5.7.4 of the Code, together with any interest payable under section 7.4 of the Code.

Undercharge Adjustments

Sections 5.7.1, 5.7.2 and 5.7.3 state that, except in the case of fraud, TasWater may recover an amount undercharged in respect of any billing period from a customer at any time up to 12 months after TasWater first becomes aware of the undercharge.

In the case of fraud, TasWater is able to recover the full amount of an undercharge plus an amount for interest.

If we become aware that you have been undercharged for services provided, we will make an Undercharge Adjustment to your next bill, or send you a separate bill noting the Undercharge Adjustment. The time in which you are required to pay the Undercharge Adjustment will be determined in accordance with the Code.

The Undercharge Adjustment will reflect the maximum amount that we are entitled to charge you under section 5.7 of the Code.


Validation of meter readings

Meter reads are validated based on past water usage.   It is important to note that when a meter reading is entered into the handheld recorder the reading receives an automatic digital stamp with the date and time the reading was entered.  In the event that an error has occured with a meter reading, the next meter reading entered into the billing system will rectify the error and the account will be adjusted accordingly on the next statement.

Is GST payable on my water and sewerage account?

No, as an essential service, water and sewerage charges are not subject to GST.