Smithton Sewer Pump Station Upgrade


Last updated: 09 February 2021

Timeline for the project

The upgrade project is scheduled to begin September 2021, with the project anticipated to be completed by August 2022.


The Smithton Sewage Pump Station (SPS) also known as Davis Street SPS has a history of overflows into the adjacent Duck River with number of odour complaints from residents in the vicinity of the SPS.

The Davis Street SPS services approximately 78% of the township as well as peak volumes of trade waste from McCain vegetable processing plant, Greenham Abattoir and the Tasmania Dairy Products dairy processing plant. The existing rising main in the immediate vicinity of the SPS has had recent failures.  The SPS wet well shows damage to the concrete structure, with exposed and corroded reinforcement; while the rising main does not have adequate capacity in peak wet weather flow events (PWWF) and the risk of the rising main failure remains high.

Further investigations have identified the need to refurbish and upgrade capacity at the nearby Fossey Street SPS, including replacement of the existing rising main to Davis Street, as well as pump, control systems and electrical upgrades at the School SPS.

Project description

TasWater will be improving the capacity of Smithton sewerage system, which will greatly reduce the possibility of wet weather and dry weather overflows from the Davis St SPS and the Fossey St SPS to the Duck River.

This project is part of TasWater’s commitment to investing in new and improved infrastructure projects across Tasmania.

The scope of the Smithton SPS Upgrade includes:

1) A new SPS close to the existing Davis Street SPS site, including a four-hour emergency storage tank, new control system, consistent with TasWater electrical standards and a new odour control facility.

2) A new wet well and refurbishment (mechanical and electrical) at the existing Fossey St SPS. The existing wet-well will be used as the emergency storage providing more than eight-hour emergency storage tank.

3) Replacement of the existing rising main between the Fossey St SPS and the Davis St SPS with a new pipeline.

4) Upgrade existing common rising main to a new pipeline between Davis Street and Pelican Lane to provide adequate capacity in PWWF events.

5) Redirection existing sewers at the Davis St SPS into new SPS.

6) Upgrade existing pump capacity, electrical and control systems at the School SPS.

7) Installation of two outdoor switchboards at Fossey St.

8) Decommissioning of existing Davis St SPS.

9) Demolishing existing pump station buildings at Fossey St SPS, School SPS, Davis St.

Community impact of works description

Increase traffic, construction impacts including noise, dust and odour. The project outcome is intended to be achieved without any private land acquisition.

For more information

If you have any questions or would like to know more about this project, please contact TasWater's CDO Community Engagement Officer, Nani Clark, on 13 6992 or via email: