Annual reports


2022-23 TasWater annual report

We are delighted to present our 2022‑23 Annual Report outlining our continued efforts to safeguard and enhance the wellbeing of Tasmanians through the provision of water and sewage services across the state.

Corp plan 21-22 front cover


2021-22 TasWater annual report

The Annual Report for TasWater’s ninth year of operations, celebrates major achievements contributing to our strategic vision – “to be trusted, respected and making a positive difference in Tasmania

2020-21 TasWater annual report
2019-20 TasWater annual report 
2018-19 TasWater annual report
2017-18 TasWater annual report
2016-17 TasWater annual report
2015-16 TasWater annual report
2014-15 TasWater annual report

Previous Annual Reports prior to 2014 can be made available electronically on request.


Annual Drinking Water Quality Reports

 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2022-23
 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2021-22
 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2020-21
Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2019-20
Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2018-19
Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2017-18
Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2016-17
Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2015-16
Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 2014-15

Corporate Plans

2024–28 Corporate Plan Cover

  TasWater Corporate Plan 2024-28

  We are proud to deliver TasWater’s 2024–28 Corporate Plan, which sets out a bold and ambitious direction as the organisation enters its next phase of delivering services for Tasmanians.

TasWater Corporate Plan 2023-27
TasWater Corporate Plan 2022-26 
TasWater Corporate Plan 2021-25
TasWater Corporate Plan 2020-24
TasWater Corporate Plan 2019-23
TasWater Corporate Plan 2018-20
TasWater Corporate Plan 2017-19
TasWater Corporate Plan 2016-18
TasWater Corporate Plan 2015-17

Annual Water and Sewerage Performance Reports
The Economic Regulator prepares a State of the Industry Report each year which details TasWater’s performance. Copies of these reports are available here.

Annual Environmental Reporting

Annual Environmental Reviews 2021-2022

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