Annual Water and Sewerage Performance Reports
The Economic Regulator prepares a State of the Industry Report each year which details TasWater’s performance. Copies of these reports are available here.

Corporate Plans

TasWater Corporate Plan 2022-26 
TasWater Corporate Plan 2021-25
TasWater Corporate Plan 2020-24
TasWater Corporate Plan 2019-23
TasWater Corporate Plan 2018-20
TasWater Corporate Plan 2017-19
TasWater Corporate Plan 2016-18
TasWater Corporate Plan 2015-17

The Water Getters book
For nearly two centuries drama, adventure and great engineering feats have marked Hobart’s bid to quench its thirst.
The Water Getters tells how a settlement was chosen for its proximity to water, how its people searched for new sources, and how they expanded their reach to distant regions in order to water a city. This intriguing collection of stories, interwoven with previously unpublished facts, maps and memories, is also the story of mountain springs, alpine lakes and a grand river.
The Water Getters unveils the great dreams, plans and labours of our state and civic leaders, and of our humble workmen. Good and bad, visionary or self-serving, these people leap off the pages in the unfolding dramas that accompanied each step forward.
This is a book for those who enjoy history, are fascinated by engineering or who, quite simply, love water.

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