Long Term Strategic Plan 2018 - 2037

Our first Long Term Strategic Plan (LTSP) 2018-2037 provides a framework for engaging with customers, stakeholders and regulators to prioritise water and sewerage outcomes over the next 20 years from 2018 to 2037.
We have much to do to provide the quality of service that Tasmanians should reasonably expect. It is not feasible for us to address all of these requirements at once given the scale of expenditure required and the need to strike a balance with customer affordability – the LTSP gives us evidence-based guidance and measurable outcomes to get the job done.  

A little bit about engagement
In developing the LTSP, we engaged with our customers and stakeholders to find out what they think our water and sewerage priorities should be for the future. This feedback has helped us to improve our strategic framework to reflect the positive difference we aim to make in Tasmania.    

Long terms strategic plan documents