Our Brand

Our refreshed look is better for all.

After an extensive customer research project, we've refreshed our brand to better reflect the best accessibility practices and our dedication to serving the beautiful island of Tasmania.

What's changing?

Our logo, colours, and font. Keep an eye out for our refreshed brand on not just our website, but also signage, and soon, all our communications with you.

Why the change?

Accessibility matters

Vision Australia estimates 453,000 Aussies have low vision and this number is expected to grow. Our new identity aligns with a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Our new logo is simple, scalable, and recognisable in monochrome (black and white). We’re also using high contrast and clear shapes for better visibility.

In Australia, 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are colourblind. Our new, palette aims to enhance visibility for all, meeting accessibility standards for contrast on and off your favourite electronic devices.

Going digital

We're stepping up our digital game. Our most-used customer channel is our website, and we're investing in a visual identity that makes your experience clear, seamless, and enjoyable. Making sure our website features function properly for those using adjustable font sizes and screen contrast, contributes to the usability for individuals with visual impairments.

Did you know nearly 56%* of you that checked in on us did so on your phone? We've redesigned with you in mind, ensuring our materials are accessible to everyone.

Q & A

Q. Will my bills look different?

Our refreshed identity will be applied to bills from April 2024. 

Q. Why the change, and what's the impact?

Our refreshed identity will be phased in as part of the natural replacement cycles of things like our signs, uniforms and vehicles from December 2023 onwards.

Q. Is this costing us more?

This refresh was fully funded within existing budgets, and importantly, it won't cost our customers a cent.

Q. What about the environment? Will there be any waste produced from this change?

Sustainability is important to TasWater. That’s why our refreshed identity will be phased in as part of natural replacement cycles, minimising waste.

TasWater Brand and Logo 2023


*Google Analytics: TasWater website Nov 01 – Nov 30 2023.

Vision Australia

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

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