TasWater Contractor Inductions

TasWater General Safety Induction

Prior to working with TasWater, all contractors and sub-contractors will need to complete the TasWater General Safety Induction and every 2 years thereafter. To complete your induction you will need to register with TasWater’s Contractor Management System, Rapid Global.

If your company is already registered with Rapid Global,  please contact your company's system administrator to be inducted. If your company is not yet registered click here to register.

Upon successful completion of the TasWater General Safety Induction, your TasWater Contractor Card will be available to download from your Rapid Global account.

The Rapid Application can also be downloaded to your mobile device providing you with a digital method to demonstrate you hold a valid TasWater Contractor Card. All contractors and sub-contractors will be required to show they hold a valid Contractor Card before they start work for TasWater.

Throughout the course of your work for TasWater you may also be asked to show you hold a valid Contractor Card.

If you are experiencing any technical issues with your Rapid Global profile please contact Rapid Global Support on 1800 307 595 or support@rapidglobal.com

For site specific inductions, please check with your TasWater contact person prior to beginning work.

For any other induction enquiries please email contractormanagement@taswater.com.au