TasWater tendering system
TasWater's tenders are listed and processed via the e-Tendering website via Tenderlink. This system has been incorporated to improve the speed and efficiency for both TasWater and our suppliers.

TasWater's Tender Portal

How does it work?
To access tender information and future opportunities that TasWater releases, you must first be a registered Supplier.

When creating your profile, select “Water and Sewerage’ as one of the categories. You can also select TasWater as a customer to view any Tenders or Future Opportunities released to the market.

If you are already registered, please update your profile to include “Water and Sewerage” category and add TasWater as a customer.

Please refer to: https://www.tenderlink.com/taswater/ and click on the registration tab.

What suppliers can expect from us

TasWater will endeavour to ensure that its policies, procedures and practices related to tendering and contracting are consistent with best practice and high standards of ethical conduct.

When doing business with suppliers and contractors TasWater employees are accountable for their actions and are expected to:

  • Deal fairly, honestly and ethically with all individuals and organisations that supply goods or services to TasWater
  • Avoid any conflicts of interest where an employee could be influenced or could be perceived to be influenced by a personal interest in carrying out their duty to TasWater
  • Refuse improper rewards or gifts that are intended to or are likely to create the perception that they may act in a partial manner in the course of their duties. Please read the Public Disclosure Information Sheet here
  • Observe legislative industrial or administrative requirements relevant to our position and any guidelines issued by TasWater concerning the performance of their duties
  • Encourage fair competition while seeking value for money
  • Ensure all relevant potential suppliers are given equal access to information and opportunities to submit bids
  • Ensure all procurement or disposal activities and decisions are fully and clearly documented to provide an effective internal audit trail allowing for effective performance review of contracts
  • Endeavour to ensure tenders will not be called unless TasWater has a firm intention to proceed to contract
  • Endeavour to ensure TasWater will not disclose confidential or personal information unless legally compelled or able to do so
  • Source wherever reasonably commercially feasible energy efficient equipment products containing recycled materials and environmentally friendly products
  • Source only from companies that have appropriate OH&S and Environmental Management Systems in place    

Pre-Qualification with TasWater

Businesses who provide goods and services to TasWater, are selected through a formal procurement process based on the operational needs of or organisation.

Enquiries about becoming a supplier should be made via email procurement@taswater.com.au

Documents and forms

Authority to Work (ATW)

Generic Electrical and Automation Standards

Contractors and suppliers

Contracting at TasWater
The following information is provided to ensure all suppliers and contractors are aware of their obligations and TasWater’s expectations of your performance – and what you can expect from us.

What we look for
TasWater works to the principle of best value for money. This is at the core of all our business relationships with suppliers of goods and services. Best value for money does not automatically mean the lowest price.
We balance all relevant factors including initial cost, whole-of-life costs (performance maintenance and disposal), quality, reliability and timeliness in determining true value for money

What we ask of you
We require all contractors observe the following principles when doing business with TasWater
  • Comply with our systems for engaging suppliers procurement policies and procedures
  • Provide accurate and detailed information when required
  • Declare conflicts of interest as soon as you become aware of them
  • Be aware and supportive of TasWater’s approach to Probity in all its dealings both internally and externally
  • Act ethically fairly and honestly in all dealings with us
  • Take all reasonable measures to prevent disclosure of confidential TasWater information
  • That you comply with our standard Terms and Conditions


Our safety health and environment policies
In line with our commitment to act as a model corporate citizen we continue to maintain a strong focus on safety health and environmental issues across the business – including our suppliers. When the corporation was formed we adopted policy documents to guide all our activities in these areas.

Contractors to TasWater are required to meet the corporation’s safety health and environmental standards.
View our:


Why should suppliers follow this guidance?
The advice we provide ensures all parties will be able to advance their business objectives and interests in a fair and ethical manner. All suppliers of goods and services to TasWater are required to comply.

Suppliers should also be aware of the consequences of not complying with TasWater’s requirements when doing business with us. Demonstrated corrupt or unethical conduct could lead to:

  • Termination of a contract or contracts
  • Removal from TasWater’s approved supplier database
  • Damage to reputation
  • Potential long term loss of future work due to damage to reputation
  • Formal investigation for corruption and other offences.