Development Application (DA) Information

Your council will advise if a Planning permit is required. You can take your sketches and or any concept services plans to the council and ask the planning staff if your proposal requires planning approval.  This service is free and is extremely important.
Lodge an application with council and include a site plan, floor plan, elevations, title certificate including schedule of easements (if applicable) and the title diagram (available from your solicitor, bank or Service Tasmania) and anything else that the planner has discussed with you. 
The application may be referred from the council to TasWater who may include permit conditions.

Additional information required by TasWater to be included in your planning application may include:

Preliminary building/site plans
Concept Servicing Plan for connections to TasWater water and sewer infrastructure including trade waste details, extensions and preliminary hydraulic modelling (as required) in some cases a report may also be required.
TasWater will formally advise if further information is required.
The developer requires a planning permit for a subdivision. 
If the subdivision requires sewer and or water services or impacts on TasWater infrastructure, the Council will refer the application to TasWater for a submission to be included in the permit.
The application must include:
a proposed subdivision layout (roads, lots etc.)
title details
a concept servicing plan for connections to TasWater water and sewer infrastructure.
TasWater will assess the information provided and request further information if required to complete the assessment. 
TasWater will issue a “Submission to Planning Authority Notice” (SPAN) to Council and this will form a part of the planning permit.

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