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Water wise - In the garden


Use a broom or blower, not the hose

  • Hosing paving is a thing of the past, it's a waste of valuable water. It's better to use a broom or blower to clean outside your home instead.

Are you watering more than your garden?

  • Check your irrigation system to ensure you are not watering too long or putting water where it isn't needed, such as onto paths and buildings.

Mulch your garden to keep the moisture in

  • Good quality mulch reduces evaporation by keeping the moisture around plant roots. Protect your garden by applying 5-10 cm of a hard, chunky mulch and help achieve water savings of up to 20 per cent. It is also a great way to stop the weeds!
  • Avoid mulch that is soft as it can eventually create an impenetrable layer to water, which can lead to over watering and killing your garden.

Check your sprinkler run time

  • Did you know different types of sprinklers have different watering rates? Most irrigation systems can be reduced by two minutes per station and still maintain a healthy garden. Check the recommended watering time for your sprinkler type. 

Watering system

  • The type of watering system you use in your garden has a huge impact on how much water you use. Choosing the most efficient watering system to suit your garden could save you heaps of water and money.
 Type  Water consumption
 Garden hose   720 litres/hour
Standard sprinkler  600 litres/hour
 Water efficient sprinkler    300 litres/hour
 Spray head  450 litres/hour
 Micro spray head  50 litres/hour
 Drip irrigation  9 litres per metre/hour