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Lower Prosser Dam Safety Upgrade

In 2021, TasWater completed investigations at the Lower Prosser Dam and will now progress to a dam safety review to inform the most appropriate upgrade solution.

Henderson Dam Upgrade

This project will increase the amount of bulk water storage in Whitemark by increasing the height of Henderson Dam. This will improve the security of drinking water on the island.

Upper Prosser Dam Scour Valve Replacement Project

This project involves constructing a new scour valve in a safe and accessible location to support water security in the area and ensure the safe operation of this critical asset.

Longford Sewerage Treatment Plant Upgrade

This project will improve environmental outcomes by improving the quality of effluent discharged from the Longford Sewage Treatment Plant.

Waterworks Reserve Upper Reservoir Dam Upgrade

At over 150 years old, the Upper Reservoir Dam requires essential infrastructure upgrades to support the continued security of water supply to the Hobart area.

Mikany Dam Upgrade

The Mikany Dam upgrade will improve water security. It will ensure the dam is safe, provides flood protection and meets modern standards.

Deloraine WTP automated filter to waste

The aim of this project is to develop and install an automated filter to waste system at the Deloraine Water Treatment Plant. This upgrade will improve water quality outcomes.

Latrobe Sewerage Network Upgrade and Augmentation

Completed in June 2021, this project has reduced overflows from the Latrobe sewer network during wet weather events.

South Sewer Main Relining

Sewer main relining can improve the security and performance of our sewerage pipeline system. TasWater's contractors use a trenchless method that minimises impacts on our customers.

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